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Feminine Empowerment

Body. Breath. Voice.

We are all Alchemists; Infinite & Limitless.

The Blueprint of creation is woven in our bones.

are you ready to unlock your creative potential?


Meet  Micaela

Here's the part where I squeeze the essence of my Self into a few paragraphs! 


My name is Micaela Patricia Carron.

Breathwave Ceremonialist, Vocal Empowerment & Ayurvedic Embodiment Guide

I am here to help women reclaim the ancient feminine medicines of song, dance & breath. 

These profound technologies empower us to overcome any challenges that we face, to remind us of the creative power within us and awaken a true love affair with our sacred bodies.

I am here to roll around in the dirt with you, to journey to the depths of your darkness with you, cry, laugh, sing until we're crying again, feel it all, love so much it hurts, do hard things, be messy and imperfect together, birth beautiful creations into existence, BREATHE deeply, and take life a little less seriously while still making the most of this wild and limitless life in a feminine body. 


I am a Warrior Woman & a Creative Alchemist who is on a mission to build and nurture a community of Embodied Feminine Leaders who are devoted to authentic, powerful and impactful creative expression. I do this by sharing Breathwave Ceremony, Vocal Empowerment and Ayurvedic Embodiment Coaching 1 on 1, in groups and in retreats.

Whether you understood every word of that or you are now completely lost, hang tight...

Let's go deeper.

If you already know you're ready to transform your life, join us in Liberation - starts Jan 8th, 2024.

My Story

I have spent the last 8 years on my own journey towards self-love, confidence and personal empowerment - healing from the traumas that my soul chose while navigating the pressures of society as a young woman telling me what I should do, how I should speak and act, and how I should look. I knew deep inside I was "made for more" than the mediocre and inauthentic life that was unfolding before me. I knew I was meant to be a part of the revolution, the reclamation of what it means to be a woman, so that the cycles of societal confusion, disempowerment and manipulation could end. 


 For a long time I was completely isolated. 

I had settled for a soul-sucking job and lived in constant self-doubt. I had anxiety, depression, a never ending eating disorder that plagued me since I was 14, I was lying to everyone around me including myself that I was getting better, and I genuinely did not like what I saw in my reflection (inside, or outside). My soul was sick of living in my body, and was constantly looking for ways to make the cycle end. The more I tried and failed, the more I reinforced the idea that I was worthless, unloveable, and destined to be a failure.

 My soul was resilient, though. 


I had grown a love for Yoga from a young age (admittedly, I wanted to do hot Yoga to lose weight, and it took me years of practice to reframe my relationship with Yoga - and any form of exercise - as a practice of self love and expansion). Yoga led me to Ayurveda and Breathwork, which radically shifted my understanding of life and myself. I owe my life to these practices, and credit them with empowering me to take back control of my health, discover who I am and why my soul is here on this planet, and creating my dream life that also serves others. 

 There was a profound resonance for me within these ancient teachings, 

They revered food as medicine, and breath as the source of all life. I began taking care of myself and cleaning up my "Spiritual House" (body, mind, energy). I completed my Ayurvedic Health Counsellor training through Shakti School, and became a certified Breathwave facilitator.


Ayurveda taught me to treat my body like a temple and nourish myself so that my creative spark has strong wings to help it fly.


Through Breathwork I cleansed up my energy body, processing my old traumas and limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck.


Vocal Empowerment has emerged as the missing link to putting prayer, desire, manifestation into action and truly building the life of my dreams. 

As I continued to deepen in these practices my creative energy began going wild. I learned to DJ, I developed my voice and musical abilities, I began leading regular full moon gatherings that allowed people to connect authentically and express themselves, I started a Dance Temple in Squamish, I built a beautiful wellness festival that people have called "the best festival they've ever been to", I co-founded an organic catering company that nourishes people with the best damn food that has ever come out of a food truck window (seriously!), I attracted and nurtured my dream community, all while staying grounded in my body, level headed and staying faithful to my intuition and my body's needs.

It's now become clear that part of my dharma (divine purpose) is to share this knowledge with other women so that we can rise together. 


 Society told me to fit into a box, and choose one thing. I said F*ck that. 


As you can see, following my heart and it has led me down many paths, all of which built my character and added value to the transformation I can provide for others. Through my offerings I am a living example that you can merge your passions to create offerings that are unique to you, and that your soul feels fulfilled by and aligned with.

I'm sharing the 3 most potent practices that I know will create the foundation for your awakening as a creative, enlivened, liberated and unstoppable woman. 

 The 3 part formula for creatives: 


Body.  Breath.  Voice. 

You are a creative person, full stop.

Every woman was placed on this planet with an incredible amount of creative potential. We use it every day to create everything from babies to art, music, small businesses or multi-million dollar empires. If you feel disconnected from your source of creativity, or simply want to amplify it, this formula is for you!

My next in-person offering "Liberation" where I guide this process starts Jan 8th.


 Your body is the home that your soul gets to   live in, in this life. 


If you want to create your dream life, you need to deeply understand as well as provide appropriate nourishment for your body. EVERY BODY IS UNIQUE, and Ayurveda is a system that teaches us to find the gifts of our unique body type and appropriately nourish ourselves to correct any imbalances. You need to be working with your body's natural rhythm, not against it. As women, we have an additional unique gift: our menstrual cycle! When we learn to work with the rhythm of our cycle (cycle syncing), as well as within the seasons of nature (Ayurveda), creativity becomes easeful because our system isn't constantly out of whack and working overtime to get us to homeostasis (regular functioning).


 Your breath is what animates your body, and   makes you alive. 


It is creative life force (prana) moving through you at all times. When you learn to breathe properly and develop a daily practice of amplifying your breath, this life force wakes up all the powerful parts of you that have been laying dormant. You also breathe life into the ugly places you've been unaware of or hiding from (your shadow) which are unconsciously keeping you stuck. Breathwork effectively clears what's in the way, so you can learn to love and see the magic in every aspect of who you are, and become a clear channel for divine guidance to come through. 



 Your voice, paired with your intention, is the   single most powerful tool to turn dreams into manifest reality. 


Your internal voice - the way you talk to yourself - shapes your internal reality (hint: this is the one most people struggle to refine) and your external voice shapes your external reality - how people perceive you, what opportunities are presented, the direction your life ends up.


When you cultivate an empowering voice internally and externally, you'll be unstoppable. 

If you want to stay small, this work is not for you. 

If you want to stay comfortable, this work is not for you.

If you want to hide behind the masks you've created to protect yourself from being seen, this work is not for you.

This work is about expanding your capacity to FEEL and be felt.

To SEE and be seen, HEAR and be heard, so you can get out of your own way, attract the people and opportunities that will catapult you forward, and create the life you have always dreamed of (and are so f*cking worthy of!)

Join my in-person 8 week breathwork and vocal empowerment program - Starting Jan 8, 2024:


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